Volvo with James

Rob, James and Lee

It’s summer and time to take speech therapy on the road. One of my favorite companions for our “outings” is James. We have been planning and talking about our outings for several weeks and I decided to start at the top of his list for visits, Volvo of Westport. We had had such a great visit last year that James wanted to return to see Lee.

We were treated so kindly as Lee showed James the new cars and Rob (General Manger) gave James a bag, a Volvo t-shirt, just like the mechanics were wearing, a hat and water bottle. James had a chance to talk to Lee and Rob about how much he wants to work there and they told him he should come back Volvo garage with Jameswhen he is older. They do employ a young man right now with special needs as part of his work-study program.

As we were talking, Kyle the service manager, ¬†appeared and asked if we wanted to see the shop. We were excited to peek at what goes on behind closed doors, so to speak. As we opened the door, James stopped and Kyle picked up on the fact that James didn’t like the loud noise level so he kindly asked each mechanic for “no noise” so we could continue our tour.

James did a great job of communicating a problem I was having with my car, asking about future employment and sharing about his outing with our pictures after we got home. Kids learn best when they are interested in the subject. James was at the top of his game.

Thanks to the staff at Volvo of Westport for being so welcoming, attentive, and sensitive to ALL kids.