imgres-2Often I happen upon a fun activity while working with a book or game for some other purpose. I was reading  Roar of a Snore by Martha Arnold with a boy to work on comprehension and answering questions related to a story. Part way through, I realized it was a fun book to work on the R sound as strings of RRRRRRR were throughout the story representing some loud and annoying snoring! Ironically we are also working on initial R so this was a perfect way to encourage his sound.

Everyone is asleep in the Huffle household except Jack, who is awake from some very loud and persistent snoring. He wakes one suspected culprit at a time as they join the hunt for the source of the nocturnal noise. He rouses Old Hound Blue, Mama Gwyn, Sweet Baby Sue, Papa Ben, twins Josie Jo and Jennie Lynn, the sheep, goat, cows and hen. Kids love to guess who is the source of the trouble. It ends with everyone cuddling up with the one who starts it all.