Reading In WilmingtonIt’s always interesting what sparks interest in social media. One of the most popular posts I shared on Facebook recently was “Eight Ways Parents Discourage Their Kids From Reading”. As school gets into full swing, after school time is crammed with activities and homework–some of which is to read. I thought this article had some valuable insights as we all can slip into caring if our child is in the blue or green reading group, are they progressing fast enough, or how much more can I do to help at home etc.

Tips like letting the child choose what is interesting to read (even if it seems gross or silly to us), provide the right reading level materials for success and enjoyment of reading and don’t over-correct an over-practice. I found the last one most valuable for me as I listen to kids read and have to bite my tongue so I don’t correct too much. Now when they read “pizza” instead of  “prizes” it is helpful for comprehension to have them try that word again. Although to kids, maybe a pizza is better than a prize! Take a look and I think you’ll find these helpful.