Build and Imagine Malia's beachI’m getting lots of inquiries lately about what to get kids and grandkids for the holidays. After this week’s interview on NBC CT, I am getting calls about where to get those products too. I wanted to share a brand new product that I am really excited about, Build and Imagine’s magnetic building sets that inspire storytelling. They just came out with three sets that can be combined or played with individually, “Malia’s Beach House,” “Marine Rescue Center” and “Day at the Beach.” Yesterday I played for a full hour with a 4 year-old designing and modifying her house and story while adding the 40 magnetic accessories to the two dolls and 16 StoryWall panels.

Build and Imagine Malia's alone

Malia’s Beach House always evolving

Kids can easily snap the panels together and quickly learned to brace the panel as they pressed the accessories onto them. Our story took the two figures, Malia and Skyler, to the beach, pool, school, garden and bed as we adorned many of the StoryWalls. We loaded up the dolls with the camera, cell phone, and backpack to go off to school and then grabbed the beach bag, sunglasses, hat and dog to visit the beach. The story continued to evolve and change as the house and accessories did. What fun to watch a child’s imagination and creativity be displayed through construction. “This is where my school things go,” my friend declared as she attached the magnetic backpack, flowers (I guess they were for the teacher), microphone and cell phone to a panel. Sounds like a lively class!

This toy does just what we want it to–be flexible enough to generate different directions of play and storytelling but let the child lead the play to gain the most learning. A perfect intersection of engineering and language learning, Build and Imagine builds skills while constructing.

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