Sam writing at deskEvery now and then I have to remind myself of some basics in delivering speech therapy to kids. In articulation therapy, I hear the voice and sage advice of Pam Marshalla that carryover starts in the early sessions of therapy which includes making sure the child you’re working with knows their goals. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Try asking all the kids on your caseload today if they know what they are working on! It is surprising.

Yesterday I was working with a second grader on articulation. We had worked last year on /s/ so are doing some carryover but have been focusing on /l/ and /th/the past few weeks. He even gets speech therapy in the schools so you would think he was well aware of what sounds he is working on. I asked him and he struggled to get beyond the /s/. That will be my first question as we start our therapy sessions from now on.

How can a child be aware and practice his error sounds outside of the speech session if he isn’t thinking about what to correct?