Frozen coloringHaving one foot in the toy industry and the other in speech therapy, I know that anything around the theme of the immensely popular Disney movie, Frozen, will capture a child’s attention and surely make the speech therapy session exciting!

My 4 year-old friend spent the whole hour coloring Anna with her markers as we decorated her paper with target words and phrases starting with /t/. Poor Olaf was only blue but her seemed happy nonetheless. What a simple concept but I find that drawing and coloring with kids who love it, is a perfect activity to provide as a reward for saying their sounds. Here is a wonderful variety of print outs of Disney movie pictures for kids to color.

I also picked up a small coloring book in the grocery story checkout line, “Disney Frozen Sisters Forever Invisible Inc and Magic Pen Painting,” which is such a favorite that she made me promise that I wouldn’t let anyone else use it! The little book tells the story of Frozen with rip out pages as you reveal the pictures with your magic pen. They make perfect take-homes as I add a few practice words on them so parents can carry over your goals between sessions. Nice value for about $5.00.