Seven Chinese SistersIt’s such fun when a parent shares a perfect  speech therapy activity with you. First it means she is practicing with her child and second it means she “gets” what you are trying to do. Today a mom went to get this book , “The Seven Chinese Sisters” by Kathy Tucker, as I started working with her son. She said there were so many /s/ sounds in it and they read it each night for practice. My little friend loved the book and started right in. Wow, she was right! There were so many /s/ sounds AND each page talked about the first through seventh sisters. Talk about a lot of /s/- /th/ contrasts to build accuracy for your /s/. This child is in the last stages of therapy and we are working on carryover with reading and playing games.

His other favorite book was “Cinderella: A Wheel-y Silly Fairy Tale” (Little Simon Sillies). Don’t rule out little kids books because this boy is in second grade and we had more laughs about the silly options for Cinderella to change her pumpkin into or what happened to her glass slipper. Tons of /s/ words provide lots of practice