61jMZrkR5dL._SL1049_Parents are a great source for topics for my blogs. As you know, I love it when they partner with me and practice at home between sessions. I always see the fruit of their labor and enjoy the faster progress (as they do too!).

I just started working with a little guy who has been nasalizing certain consonants which affects his intelligibility. He is the cutest, happiest child, but sort of hard to understand when he switches back and forth between the oral and nasal cavity emission. He has made some nice progress in just a few sessions, partly due to Mom who has been practicing in the tub! They have letters on the wall, so she forms words, starting with his target sounds, and he loves to say them. It began with my first success in getting an /s/ emitted orally, by moving from /sh/ to /s/ so she picked right up on that and practiced it in the tub.

The only downside is that when I demonstrated how to use feathers on a piece of paper and hold it under his nose to get feedback for nasal emission, she reminded me that feathers wouldn’t work in the tub!