pool and figuresSince I am an itinerant speech therapist, I really have be be sure to have plenty of props and exciting activities to bring along for a session. Preschoolers require more changes in scenery as well as toys to fill up my bag. (This could be why my brother looked at my biceps and asked if I was working out!!) Anyway, the other day I forgot a favorite accessory to the Fisher Price Happy Family camping set when I didn’t have the swimming pool. My little 4 year-old friend wasn’t to be denied play with a little water so we went hunting in the kitchen for a replacement pool. She opened a drawer and got out a small bowl and then ran to find all her little figures who wanted to go for a swim, including Olaf.

When kids are in on the planning, they get engaged and creative, planning the story. AND I am relieved to have the next activity set up, to fill out the session.