Learning Resources play foodAfter spending 2 days with my twin 20-month old grandchildren, I am stuffed with soup, cheese topped cheerios, blueberries, and apples. They spend so much time at their new Hape kitchen that I thought we should add some pretend food. “Learning Resources New Sprouts Munch It Food Set” makes an excellent set of toddler food–just what they eat–blueberries, cheerios, cheese, donut, orange, apple, banana, cookie juice box, muffin, carrot, hot dog, yogurt, mac and cheese and bread. The cookie, cereal and mac and cheese were the favorites to munch on with the two little spoons provided.

Pretend play offers so much language learning opportunity as kids prepare, eat and offer up their treats to others. Our kids were pointing to each food item and attempting to label them or simply saying an easier “Da” and waiting for us to say the correct word. Kids have to hear a word many times before they can attempt to say it, even when they already understand it. You can use the food items to teach following directions as you ask them to give you the cheese, or get the cheese that is next to the truck, etc. Listening skills are so important for learning, especially as they enter preschool and are required to listen to directions and at circle time.