Will and Ben dressup as KnightsWhen I was looking over a recent Pinterest post on great storage ideas, I saw this cute, portable costume holder for the playroom. I’ve been in playrooms that also had a series of pegs on the wall to hold the alligator, fireman and spaceman outfits. Costumes and props should be kid-friendly so they can concoct the character they want AND they can easily slip over their pajamas!

Kidding aside, a dress-up corner is a playroom and preschool room must so kids can take on a persona and act out their story, creating dialogue as they use the voices of their character. They build their language skills as they think of what comes next in the story and use objects in an abstract, pretend fashion such as a banana for a telephone. I love when kids spontaneously dress up and come around the corner in their pretend world, almost surprised to see me!

1.43Several companies make nice preschool costumes that are reasonably priced such as Melissa and Doug and Aeromax. Some kind of hooks or hangers lets the kids see the outfits rather than a pile in a bin. After Halloween clearance costumes are great to add to the pile too.