basketball hoopAs I look back at my week, I had several “firsts” as I went from home to home doing speech therapy. Yesterday, a 6 year-old I saw for the first time had a cell phone and received a text during our session. (Note to self, make sure the phone is on mute during our next session). I thought it was only my 30 something kids that liked to interrupt me with their important texts and calls!

Then I walked into my second home of 3 boys (gosh I feel at home with the sound of a basketball being bounced INSIDE) and I saw my first basketball hoop attached to the oven door. Anything to keep the kids active inside during the long winter. Mom said it was part of a monthly subscription to Kiwi Crate, that storytelling_seamless_pdpsends a project for 4-8 year-olds, once a month that has been fun for her family.

And last, I headed to one of my clients’ homes on our first 60 degree day and decided to spend the first half of our articulation lesson shooting baskets and throwing football passes following his practice sentences. Oddly enough, his percentage of correct productions was higher than when we sat at his dining room table. He clearly needed to move.