Noodle SpeedoodleI have stacks of great games, as you can imagine, but as kids get older, I need some for 8 and up to challenge my students and keep them interested. I have an 8 year-old who is working on carrying over his /s/ sound so we are at the stage of playing a distracting game to see if he can still maintain his correct productions. I pulled out Peaceable Kingdom’s Noodle Speedoodle, where you choose a wiggly noodle, rectangles, triangles, swirls, zigzags, and curly cues and figure out how to use the noodle in your drawing of a banana, dinosaur, Eiffel Tower or airport.

There is actually a lot of talking on both turns for the drawer and guesser because I needed so many clues to guess the drawing done by my friend. Okay, take a look at the picture. He was sure this Noodle speedoodle ice creamwas easy as he put down his noodle rectangle and started to put black flecks on it. Then he said, “This will help” as he drew a beach umbrella on the right. Finally he drew a hump with layers under it and gave me the clue, “Ham.” Have you guessed it yet? It was a french fry with salt sprinkled on it, available at the snack shop at the beach with hamburgers!

Thankfully, the ice cream cone on the right was easier to guess.