Easter egg dyingI hope everyone had a wonder Easter and Passover this past weekend! We were excited to have one of our sons and his wife and twin 2 year-olds and 4 month-old to help us celebrate. As I was up early to dye Easter eggs all alone, shrink wrap (with the use of my hair dryer) some eggs and bake a bunny cake, I thought “Only for my grandkids!!” AND that was besides making the meal.

It was all worth it to go on a hunt through the front yard. My favorite hiding spot was under a small branch of leaves every few feet. The hiders were quite clever this year. The bunny cake took on a new look with the two spatulas and jar of icing we left in the kids’ hands. He actually looked furry with the upturn of frosting all over him. Then we chose our pig, cow, or chick sprinkles to finish him off. By the way, the eggs with fish and cheese crackers were much more popular than the real hard-boiled eggs. It was fun to see them “shake” them all.