I’m excited to share some of my  2015 “Top 10 PAL Award Picks” today on a segment on NBC CT TV with Keri-Lee Mayland. I wanted to get my list up so those who watch will
have all the details of these outstanding language learning products. Click on the company to read my reviews and see where to purchase the product:

Build and Imagine’s Fairytale Theater (4-8, $35.00)

  • Build_Imagine_LifeStyle-216Kids create stories based on fairy tales
  • Double sided magnetic story panels change up the setting, hop on a pirate ship,or go through the enchanted forest or castle
  • Magnetic accessories turn your characters into an ogre, pirate, princess or wizard
  • Kids are practicing the essential elements for good stories for reading and writing skills

Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio by Wonder Forge (4 and up, $24.99)

  • Wonder-Forge-imagicademyStorymationKids become the producer and director of their animated movies
  • Beautiful backgrounds and characters from Disney classics, or use clay to form your own characters and props. 
  • Add special effects (bubbles or snowflakes) and music
  • Encourages imagination and creativity while telling the story

Go! Go! Smart Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home by VTech (1-5 years, $35)

  • pTRU1-19181958enh-z6This smart house has 8 magic point locations activated by Nora
  • She starts singing, talking, and making sound effects associated with the theme of that room
  • Kids were mesmerized by her talking, started talking back, stimulates language

French Cocotte Trolley Cooker by Janod (1-4, $100)

  • The-French-Cocotte-Trolley-837322Toddlers love portable play, kids pushed the cart, opened the napkin, fried eggs for me
  • Terrific for pretend play
  • Utensils attach magnetically to the side so ready for play

Ambi’s One Man Band by Galt Toys ( 1 and up, $21.00)

  • hbqOcpqfToddlers loved this toy, lots of giggles as they explored tooting his horn, banging his tummy which is a drum and his head which is a bell
  • Parents can describe lots of colors and action as child plays to build vocabulary

Dohdles! by Thames and Kosmos (10 and up, $40)

  • imgres-11Such fun playing this game, secretly sculpting their object or person for others to guess.
  • Ask yes/no questions or for a clue as to the beginning letter
  • Kids use deductive reasoning in narrowing their questions from general to specific

Gigantic Step and Play Piano by Alex Toys (3 and up, $80)

  • 715P-Gigantic-Step-Play-Piano-frangle-554x300Talk about active play!
  • Kids initially walked up the scale,  then a little girl started doing Irish dance on the keys while composing music
  • Record and listen or add different instruments
  • Builds auditory memory, listening skills which are always great for the classroom