IMG_0490The reaction I had from my Grammy friends after I posted the NogginStik video, got me to thinking about the power of Grandma (and Grandpa of course)! I loved both of my grandmothers dearly but I don’t have one memory of them playing with me or reading me a book. I got my favorite set of pink kitchen appliances for my dolls from Bama and she introduced me to paper dolls to cut out at the back of McCalls Magazine (ok I am dating myself) and led me into imagination land in her toy closet, but sit at the table and play dolls or a game? No. Don’t get me wrong, all the love was there with beautifully hand written notes to congratulate me at every new stage of my growing up, spoiling me with handmade doll clothes and giving the biggest hugs.

But my Grandma friends are actively engaged in their grandchildren’s developmental milestones, asking for toy tips, how to build their grandchild’s language, when to worry and what books are the best. They get down on the floor and play with the kids. Personally I can’t think of anything more fun than giggling while constructing a fort, making breakfast on the pretend stove,  hiding in the gingerbread house with my grandkids or boarding the bus for a ride through Stepping Stones Museum.

There’s a powerful audience out there who has already raised their kids and is ready for round two on the floor for play.