Toy Fair 2016 was alive with so many exciting new toys and games that can spark language learning. Here are some of my favorites that educators will love that we had to capture on video:

Folkmanis Puppets: Elaine Kolias is such a hoot when she slips her hand into one of their beautiful, life-like puppets. The 2-zip case that folds out to show the 3 stages of caterpillar to butterfly will be a show-stopper in the classroom.

Pacific Play Tents: I fell in love with Pacific Play Tent’s “Teacher Chair” before I knew its name. How many of us are on our knees or sitting on the floor a little too long during the teaching day and would like some relief? Every preschool and kindergarten teacher should have this chair so they can be down at the level of their kids for teaching and still be comfortable. AND their cute Food Truck tent would be great for the pretend play area.