I can’t tell you how many times I heard from new moms after I’ve given the NogginStik as a gift or they’ve seen our video review (as seen last week on the Today Show), that it is their baby’s favorite toy!  The other day I heard the funniest story yet. New mom, Alison,  mom of a 4 month-old baby girl told me that on her trip across the country to visit family, she brought just 3 toys and NogginStik was one of them. She told me they used to keep it on the changing table to entertain their daughter while changing her diaper. They moved it to the play room but noticed on the baby monitor that she was still vocalizing and smiling in the direction of her changing table when she should have been settling down for her nap. Turns out the baby monitor on her changing table has a little blue light, just like the NogginStik and she was still talking to what she thought was her friend!

What is your baby’s favorite toy or your go-to toy for the diaper bag? Share it with us.