IMG_1035Pretend play involves some great props that suggest a story line but leave the authorship up to the child! Janod’s Little Miss Vanity Set was a favorite with my little friend who got right to work setting out all the items in the zip case–lipstick, eyeshadow, mirror, comb, nail polish. powdered blush and perfume. Brightly illustrated wood props were simple but realistic enough for our little beauty expert to know right what to do with them. Grandma and I sat on the couch while she made good use of her time, making us up at the same time as she selected her tool and went from one to the other of us. After several rounds, she was apparently finished as she packed up her bag and slung it over her shoulder to go home. I’ve seen kids use their make-up kit to give their dog a pedicure, spray their dolls with pretend perfume, and even give some polish to a toy horse. Beauty kits go across many lines and are used to spiff up mom, little sister or brother or a favorite toy!