My husband has always said the best part of your job is the people. I would certainly agree and I have had the privilege to work with an amazing group of professionals in the school system–teachers, speech, occupational and physical therapists as well as psychologists. Now in the Toy Industry I find the people I work with are creative, fun and have a little of that child spunk in them that spawns fun. I also like the story behind companies, how they started, who conceived of the idea and so on.

This week I enjoyed my visit with SCS Direct’s CEO and President Howard Greenspan. Howie’s passion to provide toys that encourage classic playful learning is evident in his drive to design many dimensions of learning in his toys for lasting play value. When we were talking about one of his newer games, “Tall Tales”, he mentioned that he is giving away a game to any teacher of therapist that requests it. All you have to do is email your name, school name and address to requesting the game and you receive one free! A “game of infinite storytelling,” Tall Tales comes in a cute drawstring bag holding 50 3D game pieces and 24 story cards with various settings. Stories can be told singly or cooperatively with 5 options for play. Sounds like a perfect addition to the therapy bag for generating language or for the classroom teacher to work on oral language or writing. Often kids freeze when the teacher says they should think up a story to write but if they have some visual/tactile prompts the ideas start to flow.

So let’s all thank Howie Greenspan for his support of educators and his generosity in making this offer!