Talk about a compact  piece of equipment that can offer some movement, sensory input, motor exercise and fun, the Gorilla Gym can attach to the doorframe of a classroom or home. I would have liked an option to get up and swing or climb a rope ladder in the middle of working hard in class and I can think of several classmates that would have benefitted from it!

In light of my recent blog about new research linking vigorous exercise in boys 6-8 years of age and their higher reading skills, I wanted to share a new company I found at The International Toy Fair in New York City. Invented by a dad, this indoor gym installs easily in a doorframe and offers add-on accessories such as a swing, rope ladder, rings, or yoga sling among others that would be useful in a therapy session for physical,  occupational or speech therapy. When I worked in the schools, there were many collaborations between therapists, “co-treating” kids using physical equipment to get kids to move and talk.

I certainly enjoyed getting “regulated” in the middle of the Toy Fair Show as I relaxed on the swing!