Did you hear the results of the election?? No, not THAT one, the voting to determine what 8 tokens would round the Monopoly board in the next generation of players. The thimble, boot and wheelbarrow were voted out while T-Rex (came in second overall) , a rubber ducky and penguin joined the ranks of tokens for this classic board game.

What I find fun is that Hasbro, the maker of Monopoly, polled fans in more than 100 countries with over 4.3 million votes and it sparked some “online campaigning from outside forces, … Zipcar, the car-sharing company, advocated for the survival of the car token by asking fans to #SaveTheCar. The New England Aquarium got in the spirit by tweeting photographs of their penguins to #VotePenguin, and hosting a Facebook live event to Monopoly’s nearly 11 million Facebook fans,” according to the New York Times. With all the concern about the increased time kids and adults are spending on entertainment associated with technology, there’s still a huge fan base for an iconic classic game like Monopoly which transcends generations of family play!