Sounds a bit like an oxymoron, water table in the winter, right? But my niece a asked my advice on the best water table for her toddler as grandma wants to give her one. When I looked up my favorite “Tropical Island Resort” by Step2, I found that it was unavailable. That’s the toy industry. Find a great toy and it runs its course and poof! It’s gone. So many kids had hours of fun with that water table, flipping characters off the diving board and sailing characters along the waterways.

With a little investigation, I found a very similar water table that can also flip kids, Splish Splash Seas Water Table by Step2. This size is accommodating to several kids as they stand around the table and coordinate pretend play, AND get a little wet which is always fun.

By the way, if you find yourself in a cold climate this winter, try putting down a shower curtain and have a little water play if you are stuck inside!!