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Toys and Games for Smart Play, Extending Learning at Home

Silly Spaghetti by Hape, 3 years and up ($19.99)

  • Brought you breakfast today
  • Bend and twist the pasta for good fine motor strengthening-handwriting
  • Snap on 11 pieces of food
  • Kids imitate their everyday experiences, elevates language
  • Make a face, add conversation, pretend play and dialogue

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My First Rush Hour by Thinkfun/Ravensburger, 3 and up, ($23.99)

  • New preschool version, element of pretend play
  • Cars, garbage truck, school bus, different properties on how they move
  • Problem solving, logic, spatial orientation
  • Free up a route for Red Hero Car to exit down ramp and win
  • Levels of play easy, medium, hard
  • Safety Officer and Hero car for pretend play

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Splurt! by Gamewright, 10 years and up, ($9.99)

  • Think fast and answer first!
  • Answer has to meet criteria–categories, letter placement, syllables, and word length
  • Problem solving, deductive reasoning and mentally search for words that match linguistic requirements

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Corolle’s Baby Bath Calypso, 18 mo and up, ($40)

  • Kids love water play so here is best companion for tub, pool or ocean
  • Little beads inside her so she floats and dries easily
  • Sits, eyes shut for sleep, can suck her thumb
  • perfect for acting out pretend play, easy to grab and take along

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Go! Go!Go! Go! Cory Carson Freddie’s Firehouse by VTech, 2 and up, ($14.99)

  • Based on the Netflix series of Cory Carson’s adventures
  • Comes with sister Chrissy and Freddie Firetruck
  • Race down slide to answer the call, activates the PlayZone for chat as well as another spot at the Firehouse door for auxiliary characters to activate

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