Many times I ask parents if I can have a speech therapy session in their child’s preschool class that week so that I can confer with the teacher and see how the child is doing. Might I say, I also have other motives as I have seen this to be incredibly beneficial for the teacher, child and therapist. I’ve also worked with little clients in their classroom several times a week if they are on the autism spectrum, as I can help build social relationships with peers while encouraging language development.

The classroom teacher realizes how much “our”¬†student is capable of in terms of talking whether it be talking in 2-word phrases, using final sounds, or asking for help. I educate the teacher who may not have been aware of what level that student can perform at. Over and over, I have heard, “I had no idea he could do that!” Now that the teacher can see that our student can ask for “More” at snack time or re-tell a story with me, I suggest how they can carry that over in the classroom, Model “more” and wait for him to say that before giving more snack or I leave one of the picture books that I have been using in therapy for the teacher to read at circle time, asking our student to “help out” and tell the story with her.