Idiom Addict is brainy game for all word lovers and language enthusiasts. Game play rules are simple: the team that guesses the most idioms and synonyms wins. 

Studies show that children as young as 5 begin to understand idioms, and comprehension of idioms is typically completed by age 11. Understanding and using idioms help to enrich language and vocabulary in school aged children through adulthood. We know how meaningful it can be to use an idiom that has only a few words to describe a feeling or situation that would take many more words and examples for the listener to understand. Idioms are a linguistic art that improve conversations and pragmatic flare! 

Idiom Addict includes 400 double-sided cards with 1,200 “Mixed Messages” and 1,200 “Synonym Twists,” (so you can play this game over and over and still get stumped!). It also includes a game board with pawns, die, and 30-second timer. Up to four teams play at a time. Teams roll a die to determine if they play “Mixed Messages” or “Synonym Twists.” When playing Mixed Messages, players guess an idiom based on a more literal description. For instance, “From torn-up cloth remnants to great wealth….” Can you guess it? From rags to riches. Or “How about you leap into a large pond…” Any ideas? Why don’t you go jump in a lake.

In “Synonym Twist,” players guess a common phrase based on similar word combinations. For instance, “Greatest gamble…” answer is Best Bet! “Maritime ill…” any ideas? Seasick! Our game testers found that we all became more keen and quick on identifying idioms and synonyms as the game went on. 

Idiom Addict is the perfect party game that develops vocabulary, figurative language, and can practice perfecting the art of conversation through common phrases, synonyms, and idioms.