This is an educational poster with a magic pen that allows children to interact with the pictures. It’s multilingual in English, Spanish, German, and French and reinforces letter and number concepts and vocabulary.

Select your language of choice with the magic pen from the menu at the top of the poster. Then chose from different modes, gameplay (using the “Fear Me” icon), or a self-recording function. The four listening modes include:

  1. Letters and Numbers (eye icon)- touch the magic pen anywhere on the poster and it names the icon selected
  2. Listening (book icon)- the audio names each picture without use of the magic pen, unless you hit stop on the book icon, then it works as the Letters and Numbers icon
  3. Fun Facts (lightbulb icon) – touch the magic pen on any icon and it shares fun facts about the word, its origin, and exposes your child to new vocabulary
  4. Instrument sounds (drum icon) – prompts child to look for instrument icons throughout the poster and it plays the musical sound when selected.

Our toy tester enjoyed interacting with this puzzle in English. There were a few obscure pictures that are not commonly known in American culture (for example, nutria, urial, yabby), which was used as an opportunity to teach older children how to research new words. Nonetheless, students used visual scanning, memory, and letter-sound knowledge to search for words and letters on the board. The magic pen was helpful in providing encouragement and feedback when selecting correct and incorrect responses. This is a fun poster to expose your child to letters and new words in a multilingual way.

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