Five years ago SCS Direct launched with multiple Parent and Teacher Awards, Tall Tales.  Likewise, as part of our community outreach program, they gave away thousands of games to educators to use in their classrooms to help offset the limited resources afforded to teachers.

Free Game Offer Extended!

GREAT NEWS! The program was so successful that, as part of their continued community giveback to offer this program again.  There are no strings, no costs.  All we ask is that you learn and use the game in your classroom, and share your enthusiasm for all that Tall Tales offers

Introducing Tall Tales – The Game of Infinite Storytelling

Kids draw random figures from a bag and use creativity to weave their best tale in this non-competitive, story-telling game.  Multiple ways to play, Tall Tales encourages right brain creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and parallel processing of information.  Tall Tales can be played in minutes, and is the perfect game during recess time, or during appropriate classroom curricula.

Introducing Lost Loot – A Scavenger Hunt like No Other!

In addition to Tall Tales, we are enhancing our free game offer to you by including our newest launch, LOST LOOT.  Lost Loot features a one-of-a-kind treasure chest that can only be opened when adventurers find and insert into the chest, all five skeleton keys from hidden locations throughout the home.  Lost Loot encourages left brain logical thinking, fact memorization, and problem solving skills.  Incorporating a sign-out program for kids to take home the game weekly encourages responsibility while offering educational activities for kids to share with their families.

Reserve Your Games Today!  While Supplies Last!

Qualifying for a free set of these games (One Set Per Educator) is Easy!  Just email us the following information at

  • Your Name, Class Size, and Grade.

  • School’s mailing address for delivery of the package*

Please Note: Package MUST be delivered to school address.  Likewise, this offer will be fulfilled while supplies last, on a first come first served basis.  

If you have any questions and want to know more about the program, please do not hesitate to email: