The Antarctic Expedition by Schleich is an incredible toy that offers children a realistic and exciting adventure into the world of polar exploration. This set comes with multiple figures, a dogsled, and accessories that are highly detailed and incredibly realistic, making it perfect for children who love imaginative play.

As children play with the set, they are exposed to new vocabulary related to polar exploration. Our play seekers quickly used words like dogsled, harness, igloo, and more on the polar region biome. This can help expand their vocabulary and improve their communication skills as they learn to use new words during imaginative play.

Children learn by doing, and this open-ended play allows them to create new scenarios, which can help develop their problem-solving skills, creativity, and social-emotional skills. Pretend play can also improve their language skills by providing opportunities to practice storytelling and role-playing, either cooperatively or independently.

The Antarctic Expedition is a cool playset that provides numerous language and learning benefits while also offering children the opportunity to engage in imaginative play. The set is highly detailed, durable, and an excellent value for parents who want to invest in imaginations.

Available at Schleich, Walmart and Target