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Utilizing expertise from providing speech-language therapy to children and educating parents for over 15 years about best toys for smart play, Erika Cardamone, MS, CCC-SLP and Sherry Artemenko, MA, CCC-SLP provide the following consulting services:


  • Educate brands, distributors, PR/Marketing companies, and toy stores, calling out the language edge in their products, providing specific, critical learning skills that can be tapped through fun play.
  • Produce toy videos explaining product’s learning potential and giving tips to parents on how to elevate play.
  • Develop grids of company’s products and associated skills (language, fine motor social skills etc) that can be taught and learned through play with that product, so parents, educators, and toy stores can access products specific to a child’s needs.
  • Test toys in the classroom and gather important insights from kids, teachers and principals.
  • Develop parent educational materials to extend the learning in a product.
  • Advise authors on content related to children with special needs.


  • Company’s leadership team to build their knowledge base on the learning potential of play experience with their products
  • Toy conventions educating brands and toy store owners on how to recognize and market language learning potential in their products
  • University graduate programs in speech-language pathology, demonstrating how to use toys and games to enhance progress and fun in therapy sessions
  • New parent groups on how to play with their baby to encourage language development through play

Media Appearances

  • Regular appearances on FOX and ABC affiliates sharing outstanding educational products, what learning skills can be strengthened, and tips for parents to join smart play
  • Established speech-language experts in print media: Honest Company Blog, ASHA Wire, Parents Magazine,, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle

Sherry is an important guru in the world of kids’ products. Her insights across a wide spectrum of child development issues run sharp and deep. In addition to her impressive media presence, she has a speech and language pathology background.

Andy Forrest

Principal Forrest-Pruzan Creative, Disney Inventor of the Year

Your kindness, thoughtfulness, insight and professionalism made our experience so meaningful.

Mother of 3 and 5 year old girls

For more than 15 years

Erika Cardamone, MS, CCC-SLP has worked with children to improve their speech and language, serving as a speech-language pathologist in school systems and private practice. She’s also a Mom of 4 and takes play time very seriously.

Erika Cardamone working with children

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