We laughed hysterically with Soggy Doggy last year and now we have Baa Baa Bubbles to carry on the surprise fun. Bubbles, our sneezy sheep is hungry as usual but her allergies get the best of her in the middle of her munching. On your turn, flip over a Meadow Tile to feed Bubbles, pushing her head down the number of times noted on the tile drawn. Each time Bubbles eats, she grows bubble-wool on her back. But watch out, her sneezes interrupt some turns, with bubble-wool flying off her back. If you make it through a turn without a sneeze, you keep the numbered tile to add up at the end. But, if Bubbles sneezes during your turn, you discard your tile and receive no points. It’s the element of surprise that gets kids jumpy, anticipating and laughing. Children learn turn-taking, numbers, and addition while plenty of conversation is generated as they feed their sheep and watch her wool grow.

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