Kids couldn’t wait to get started on Ravensburger’s new 100 piece 3D puzzle. We launched into the Wild Jungle, rainforest scene with a jaguar lazing on a fallen tree, parrots flying about, an orange frog peering out, and a snake slithered around a branch. Lots of language flows as kids work together to find the right piece with a hint of pink butterfly or the beak of the parrot. Our little tester couldn’t wait to use the 3D glasses so he took a peek after completing each animal. The final scene drew a gasp as he took it all in. Ravensburger continues to produce such high quality, vividly beautiful puzzles for a new generation to enjoy and talk about. If you want to venture out of the forest, try the fascinating Underwater World with loads of exotic fish to to piece together.

Available at: Ravensburger