Calling all CoComleon fans! Pattern Play is the perfect game for encouraging learning of early preschool concepts and hanging out with some of your favorite friends, like JJ, Yoyo, Tom Tom, Cece and Cody.

We love this game for promoting learning of color concepts, shapes, characters, and pattern recognition. Two to 4 players can play along taking turns and working to place their star tiles on the game board to match the pattern on their goal card.

There are 4 included spinners and all 4 spinners should be used (even if you have fewer players), and placed in pretend player spots. Spinners are categorized by character, color, shape, and pattern. If you spin a “swap” then each player gets a different spinner! I love this for flexible thinking and reinforcement of all four concepts.

It’s great for mixed ages with both basic and advanced goal card patterns. Players learn spatial awareness and some strategy as they take turns matching their specific patterns. Basic goal cards are more linear, forming a straight line or a cube. The advanced goal cards include more diagonal patterns that allow for a bit more creativity and spatial planning for older kids.

This game is great for groups, easy to learn and fun to play!

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