Get ready shoppers! The Count Along Basket and Scanner is now available. Toddlers will love the pretend play value in the hand basket that transforms to a rolling cart. Parents and caregivers will love the learning potential as kids play, count, build vocabulary, and early inferencing skills.

This adorable basket includes 8 play foods in various food groups. Foods also differ in color, shape, and number, which reinforce these learning concepts during play. When scanning the different foods, your toddler will love dancing to the music and listening to each of their unique phrases. Broccoli says “Let’s brocc and roll!”

The Count Along Basket and Scanner has three interactive play modes. In Learn mode, kids scan a food and learn about its name, color, and number. The Count mode encourages kids to follow directions and scan a certain number of foods. Game mode promotes early inferencing skills and gives auditory clues for foods by name, number, color, and shape for the shopper to guess. This mode was particularly popular with our toy tester!

There are also 3 double sided shopping lists that promote following directions and categorization (by color, shape, food group, etc.). The scanner reinforces these early preschool concepts and kids loved repeating it too. Pretend play with our toddler toy tester was a blast. We loved role playing as cashier and shopper, displaying food around the room and pretending to reach high and low shelves, and practiced asking for help when we couldn’t find an item on the list.

LeapFrog’s Count Along Basket and Scanner was a hit with our toddler/preschool group. It reinforced early learning concepts like numbers, colors, and shapes. It played music and had our early talkers repeating words and phrases. Lastly, it had awesome pretend play value for acting out experiences and coming up with new story lines.

Available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart