Preschoolers take note…now you too can have fun learning about protecting our planet thanks to Adventerra Games! Their new 2-piece, self correcting puzzles teach kids beginning at 2 years of age the do’s and don’ts of everyday activities to save water, while washing your hands, taking a bath, watering a plant, bathing a pet, or washing your car and more. The wrong behavior puzzle piece is edged with a red line and the right behavior piece is edged in green as a prompt. With cute, refreshing illustrations to interest kids, these puzzles invite conversation about “why?” one activity is better than another for our environment. Why is it better to sweep leaves off your driveway rather than wash them off with a hose? My little one said, “This is good because he is sweeping up the leaves and not with water.” Why should we refill our water bottles? What happens when we don’t? Why should we turn off the water while soaking in the tub? “This one is bad because he is dripping water!” Why should we bathe our pet in a small tub instead of running the hose on them? These puzzles presented many opportunities to teach conservation and recycling. Kids are encouraged to join some great conversations that stimulate thinking, processing and drawing conclusions about our actions, all of which build language skills as well as good conservation habits.

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