Get ready to play a game of Bingo based on one’s knowledge of synonyms and antonyms while moving your cute critters along the game board. Set up the board with synonym (or antonym) word cards placed face down on each square around the edge and select your colored critter character, corresponding tokens, and Bingo board of illustrated words. Roll the die and move your critter that many spaces and reveal the synonym. I revealed “Finish” with a black and white checkered flag and found “End” with the same artwork so I covered my square with a token. Continue play until you have covered a line of four squares–horizontally, vertically or diagonally–on your Bingo card and yell out, “Is or Isn’t!” The same game play is used for matching antonyms timid/bold, squishy/firm or wet/arid. Players are expanding their vocabulary as they learn new words to express themselves verbally and in writing, matching up hot/burning, right/correct, out/exit or hard/firm. Variations and challenges keep game play fresh. Emergent readers are given clues from the artwork on each card that matches its synonym. Sad and Unhappy both have downcast eyebrows and a turned down mouth. Its antonym card, Happy, is a smiling mouth. Aged and Old have a grandpa hat and cane hanging from the words, while Youthful has a pacifier and baby hat. The artwork is so clever and subtle and adds to the whimsy of this game, while learning opportunities are strong for reading, spelling and building vocabulary.

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