Janod_Doctors%20SuitcaseUnzip this soft doctor’s case and little hands went right in to take out the spring loaded shot, reflex hammer, stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer, tongue depressor, prescription pad pencil, bandage roll and bottle of disinfectant (or used as medicine in our case!). Kids went to get their favorite plush animals and got right to work checking the Penguin’s heartbeat, giving a shot (right up the nose I might add), and looking in his ears. They had to take turns with the shot as it was most popular, although little brother never took off the stethoscope. This Doctor’s Suitcase is a perfect toy to generate imaginative play, sparking lots of chat and language building. It would be great for kids that might be a little fearful of going to the doctor as they act out the procedures. Parents are always asking what they can do to encourage writing skills and this kit does just that as older brother “wrote out” his prescription for his Snow Leopard (actually he wrote his name several times) which we happily rewarded as a great job by the doctor!