Jelly Jammers PuzzleWant to enjoy some family time with your child 5 years and up? Take out your “Jelly Jammers Puzzle” with goofy Blue Raspberry, Grape and Cherry musicians having a hilarious time jamming on stage. To add to the fun, the characters are scratch and sniff so kids get an extra sensory experience while assembling the puzzle. Each character from the bass guitar, drummer, keyboard, vocalist and saxophone player to the fan crowd surfing near the stage is its own puzzle piece which makes for some extra play and conversation as kids pick up the characters and have their own jam session or converse with one another. Kids and parents can build language skills while describing a piece needed or in their hand, “I have a piece of the purple audio speaker,” or “I need the fan’s hand reaching up to the stage.” The colorful monster musicians invite fun puzzle play while building fine motor, visual-spatial and language skills through smart play.

Available at Target. Click here