UNL_JourneyThroughTime_EFI_BeautyShotDo you want a family game literally loaded with fun and learning? Then join the Oddity Society, a team of historians, scientists and adventurers who are stuck in the Prehistoric Era and need help traveling forward through 5 historic periods to get home. Kids were fascinated with the detailed scenarios as they set up the 6 foot game board, linking the Prehistoric Era, Ancient Egypt, Medieval Times, Age of Piracy, Wild West, Present Day and The Future. The cool navigation dial leads the game as players spin to see how far to advance their Timecraft, lose fuel prematurely, or “search,”  which is clearly everyone’s favorite option. Turn over the timer and see how many hidden objects you can collectively find–nets, ladders, ropes, stairs, chains, docks and so on. Here’s where the language learning abounds. When we picked the “flag” search card, we asked, “Where would we find flags in each time period? We went right to medieval castles, pirate ships and the Wild West’s American flag! How about ladders? or stairs? Where do people need to get up high? The Egypitian pyramids, a tall castle, the ranch house, a water tower or rooftop home. Kids were incredibly motivated to find the most hidden pictures, being rewarded with dialing that number into their navigation tool as one of the spinner options. Kids forgot about competing to win and were so engrossed in beating the fuel gauge, that they worked cooperatively which was refreshing. Every child I played this with asked to go another round!

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