It’s been my experience that kids can’t put down the LeapStart because of its fun interactive activities, while they’re learning crucial skills for reading to prepare them for the classroom. Now it’s time to play with Peppa Pig and the gang. LeapFrog knows how to sequence learning, guiding children through the story and then asking excellent questions of prediction, inference, story recall, sequence, and about characters and vocabulary. The first story about little brothers Richard and George learning to cooperate and play together involves Peppa guiding them to an activity they both like, making sandcastles and playing on the seesaw. Suzy Sheep comes to play at Peppa’s and they are not interested in including little brother George until they find just the right character for him to play in their pretend play as doctor and nurse, the patient! Kids can listen to the story by tapping the stylus on icons or “read” along one word at a time. As a speech pathologist my favorite part is the follow-up interactive comprehension questions. “Being a good friend means not leaving others out of the fun. ” Find a picture where they are playing together. Building social language skills to name, understand and apply concepts like sharing, cooperating and learning to play together are important life skills for little preschoolers. While recalling the details of the story, answering wh-questions and following directions, kids are also learning that stories have a beginning, middle and end. “Flip back to the beginning of the story.” “In the middle of the story Suzy goes to Peppa’s house. Tap the page that shows Suzy thanking Peppa for inviting her over.” Kids learn manners by tapping on a manners card and hearing an applicable story. Peppa is just the right teacher in this little book full of language skills critical to learning reading, vocabulary and social skills.

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