Get ready to rock and learn with this new video of animated characters teaching letters, sounds, words and reading.  The 11 sections take children from learning  the alphabet to reading sentences. After mastering the alphabet song, kids are introduced to each letter with its most common sound and can watch an on-screen mouth articulate the sounds–just what a speech pathologist would like!  Kids stay engaged as they participate in a game show format, try to answer before the host, and are entertained by spunky raps like, ” You know the sound you will need. Keep practicing and learn to read!” I like how the letter is repeatedly paired with its corresponding sound throughout the DVD . In “Name That Letter!” a child listens for the sound they hear the most in a sentence–“Jolly Jellyfish Jump for Joy,”  “Sounding Out Words” moves on to “Reading Words,”  where kids start with a sound and add letters to a family of words. “a” becomes “an,” “as,” or “at,” with the backup band repeating the sound ” a, a, a” to the beat. “Reading Words,”  “Consonant Combinations,” and “Spell It” cleverly present letters that represent sounds including blends. One of my favorites, “Swap the Sounds” presents a word and then options to swap for letters in the word to match a new meaning. “Quack” became “quick” with a swap of a vowel. Learning sight words and reading full sentences rounds out this engaging learning DVD that captures kids’ attention and leads them down the lifelong path to reading.

Available at Rock ‘N’ Learn: Click here