Kids love a bedtime story so why not add a little magic by projecting the illustrations on the ceiling in the dark, as you cozy up and read to your little one. The Moonlite inventor/Mom knows the value of reading fairy tales to her child as kids are inspired to dream, create and pretend. The storybook projector clips on your mobile phone over the flashlight to project the pages of Goodnight Moon, Chicka Chicka Boom, Curious George, Duck and Goose and the Ugly Duckling among others, while the Moonlite app provides the words to read accompanying each page/image. Tap on circled words and you’ll hear fun sound effects to enhance the story. With research continuing to point to the benefits of reading aloud to young children (the latest being positive effects on behavior and attention), it is exciting to incorporate Moonlite into your reading routine, providing a fun new way to read to your child and enhance learning.

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