For the ultimate sensory experience, Orbeez Challenge is your toy of choice. Orbeez are the original water beads and now kids can grow, smash, mold and launch their Orbeez in it’s very own bowl for less mess and more fun.

The set includes over 2,000 Orbeez water beads (500 fully grown for the inpatient kind) and 1,500 to watch grow in water over a few hours. There’s also 6 different tools to smash, slice, roll, and shape into “Orbeez slush.”

Orbeez offers open-ended, hands-on sensory play with many other learning opportunities. First, our toy testers measured the necessary amount of water to allow for the water bead seeds to grow. Over time, they continued to make observations and predictions as they grew in size until they were ready to play.

Once the Orbeez were fully grown, kids were happy to scoop with their scooper and their hands and place the beads into the large bowl. From there, we followed the visual (picture) directions to use the included tools. Practicing hand-eye coordination and hand control, as well as developing fine motor strength were all apart of this Orbeez Challenge experience. “Cool!!! Super cool. I can cut and scoop and cut and scoop!” said our 5 year old toy tester.

Orbeez Challenge is a great craft alternative for sensory play, understanding cause and effect, making predictions, and promoting fine motor skills. There was even an unexpected pretend play element. Once the Orbeez were smashed and molded into a half circle, our toy tester opened a pizza shop at once, slicing and serving up!

Available at Amazon and Target