Before I could show off Parker’s backpack full of medical instruments, he was whisked off to bed to be the buddy at nighttime. I had to wait until morning! My little toy testers, 3 years to 4 1/2 started to “treat” him for any illness, when I held the iPad (or iPhone plus free app) over his x-ray to reveal his bones, that laughed when tickled. Next, we took a peek inside Parker’s body at his organs and watched his heart beating and food moving through his digestive system. “Can we help him again?” they said between options on the screen. After each task, kids earn “hearts” for kindness, increasing Parker’s Happiness Factor. The interactive thermometer registers on the screen and kids put an ice pack on Parker’s head. One of the favorite options was “coloring” bandaids and drawing in the doctor’s pad. Kids used their fingers to choose a color and draw. “That’s crazy! It can go under our fingers,” they said. Our fingers are magic.” Adding a rocket ship, ladybug and butterfly sticker to the bandaids really personalized them. Add animals and plants to your augmented reality scene and Parker is transported to a happy place. Parker is a fuzzy companion that can build language skills, teach empathy, problem solving and encourage open-ended play along with many cuddles along the way! “I love this!” says it all.

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