Kids can set up, play, supervise and take along this cute croquet set to wherever there is a patch of grass! I love how they can organize their game independently and set the course of play, placing the wickets, picking up the mallets and starting the hit the ball toward the next numbered hoop. What’s funny is how they start to set their own rules, assigning names to their teams and putting the wickets further apart or taking them to a part of the yard that looks fun. Color and number recognition is reinforced while preschoolers practice some social language, taking turns, helping each other with tips on how to hit the ball, and setting the course. Everyone likes the push along caddy, just like Mommy or Daddy’s golf bag, as they bring the set out and can put the pieces away like a puzzle. Hape’s signature efficient designing as well as sturdy wooden pieces make this a great outdoor gift for the summer!

Available at Nordstrom. Click here