In my work with new parents, I’ve found that often they are looking for ideas on how to play with their baby. MindWare’s new “Seek-boo Flip-and -Find Word Cards” were an instant hit with my little friend and full of learning. Let’s start with the box which is fun to open and shut, then pulling out the sturdy cards one by one to reveal a picture of an object, scene from nature, vehicle or building. Parents read the questions, “What’s in the doghouse?” or “Who’s on the bus?” and their child can guess or simply open up the flap to see “You found a puppy,” or “You found some kids.” The four color coded sections divide the cards by category–Red, on the farm, Orange, at school, Green, outside and Blue, around the house. I love the extra questions on the back of the cards to guide parents extending the learning by answering questions and following directions such as “What color is the doghouse?’ “How many legs does a puppy have?” and “Can you point to the puppy’s ear?” These word cards can generate lots of fun learning as kids master colors, counting, animal sounds, follow related directions and build their vocabulary with 80 essential first words. As a little gift to parents, MindWare has included a helpful Parent Guide with additional activities to boost memory, learn colors and begin letter recognition. As a speech language pathologist I can’t help but also think this would be a wonderful addition to a therapist’s bag of fun to give kids’ language skills a boost.

Available at Mindware