Get your marker ready for some thinking, sketching, guessing and laughing out loud as you start up a game of Telestrastions. This game is hilarious! A visual version of the classic “telephone game,” it has players alternating between sketching out a word or concept from easier like “dollhouse” or “rowboat” to more challenging like “think tank,” “guacamole” or “last straw.” Drawing skills aren’t required, as a matter of fact, the worse you are the funnier it gets. Each player gets a sketch book and rolls the die to choose the word to be guessed. Flip the page to “sketch it” and be your best artist. Now the book passes along the players as they alternately “Guess” what the drawing is or “Sketch it” looking at the most recent drawing. Whew, things can get off track really fast as drawings get misinterpreted and called something new, as the 60 second timer keeps things moving. We played with a family with a 12 and 13 year-old. What appeared to be an easy word, “cat, “actually became “tiger” when one sketcher added stripes to his cat. The funniest one was a first drawing that included an eyeball= ?? + triangle and scribbles along the bottom of the pad. Believe it or not it represented “seafood.” The owner of that sketch book explained, see with your eye, food was the triangle for pizza, and the scribbles were the sea. “It’s a math problem,” she said! “Sleep walking” became “stalker” as the ZZZZ was interpreted as sneaking around quietly. “Grasshopper” somehow became a “hot air balloon.” Obviously the final reveal of the sketch books is when things get crazy fun and there is lots of chat, explaining the thinking behind drawings and guesses. Everyone wanted to play again!

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