g1g_2016632175637552As a speech language pathologist I certainly love a cooperative story telling game! Set up Tell-A-Tale Fairy Tale Edition’s slotted base, punch out the prop and character pieces–mountain, door, bag of gold, magic potion, cauldron, fairy, knight, dragon, unicorn and more–and set up the rainbow or castle backdrop ready to roll the dice to start your story. 3 character/props and 1 action dice form the content for your story as you can also slide, move or remove cardboard characters and props. Our story began when, “The Troll hid the pot of gold at the entrance to where the dragon lived.” We added, “The dragon left the door open and in flew a fairy.” This is such a fun cooperative game that will need some adult participation with 3 year-olds, helping the story move along and reading the action words. Moving the physical pieces keeps kids’ attention as well as adds a sensory component to the learning. Kids learn the essential elements of a story as they create their own–characters, setting–and even beginning, middle and end. Telling a tale prepares kids to eventually create and write their own stories later, developing skills essential for good readers and writers.

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