Creative fun with Toobers and Zots began as kids started punching out the holes of cut out pieces to slide the bendable tubes of foam through a multitude of shapes to craft pirate hats and swords. A crown went on the king’s head and we were off on a play adventure that involved a little sword fight and claiming land rights! Another little boy constructed a robot that then transformed into a vehicle as he rearranged his pieces and added a few wheels to his carriage. With 345+ pieces, this container of fun needs no directions, as kids bend and slide the foam tubes in two sizes and configure the dots, holes, and specialty pieces to make eyes, wheels, flowers or faces. Language learning comes into play as children figure out how to make their creations and then launch into pretend play, creating stories around their props.  Play a guitar, launch a rocket ship, or step on stage to start pretend play.

Available at Little Kids, Inc: Click here