Introducing math and number concepts becomes a part of language early on. For instance, when you ask a toddler “How old are you?” or “How many cookies do you want?” they can respond with a quantity. This is just the beginning of math learning.

Math is critical to help a child understand patterns and quantify relationships. Triangle Math Flashcards support school-aged children in their understanding of math operations. The double-sided cards are triangle shaped and include 4 equations per card. One side includes 3 numbers that showcase the relationship of inverse operations (addition/subtraction and multiplication/division).

This method of learning truly helps to understand the relationship between numbers. For example, the numbers 10, 8, and 2 are shown in each corner of the triangle. This represents that 8+2=10, 2+8=10, 10-8=2 and 10-2=8.

The opposite side of the card has a graphic aid that provides a visual representation of the equation. The addition/subtraction graphic aids have number blocks in 10s families (if the value is 10 or greater). The multiplication/division graphic aids show a number line.

The bundle also offers different Teaching Methods along with explanations. For instance, skip counting, or covering one corner of the card to start. This gives parents and caregivers the confidence to help their children thrive with mathematical operations. Math is all around us. These flashcards build confidence with math and can help your child understand relationships and patterns. One last thing… try Triangle Math flashcards before bedtime for an extra brain boost!

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